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Palliative & Hospice Care


Palliative & Hospice Care

‘We Provide Quality of Life Care’ At the stage where your loved one needs elderly care, our team of specialists, nurses and caregivers work with your doctor’s diagnosis, staging, and care plan. Quality of life means comfort and safety. Encouragement to do the lifesaving things that your loved one will no longer have the urge or capacity to do. We step in through various methods and strategies not only do we assist you or your loved one in care but provide positive reinforcement and a sense of reinvigoration for lifes pleasures.

‘We’re with you through every stage’ Our duty doesn’t stop at care at home. Once your loved one’s condition reaches a stage where homecare is no longer viable, we assist you in placing them in a safe and comfortable skilled nursing center that best suits their needs.

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Our compassionate and experienced team proudly serves clients who are receiving hospice services. Our services complement the hospice services and coordinate the care with the hospice team. We pick up where hospice doesn’t. Whether it be for a few hours a day or 24 hours care we are here to provide you with the most comfortable care in your home. A Certified Nursing Assistant or Home Health Aide can provide hospice care that focuses on making your loved one as comfortable as possible through loving care, allowing them peace and comfort in the privacy of their own home. Additionally, your caregiver can provide emotional support for you and your family, helping to alleviate distress and grief during your time of need.


We work with the local hospice organizations by providing the clients relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness with our experienced staff of professionals i.e., therapists in the home

Palliative Dementia Home Care

Kells Home Healthcare is a leader in Palliative Dementia in Home Care services. Palliative home care is an important function for those with dementia.  Your dementia nurse will be on the nursing registry for dementia services. During the process of dementia, the brain deteriorates slowly. In that time the sufferer undergoes stages of personality motor changes. Each stage must be marked by a professional and the proper action taken.

Palliative Alzheimer’s In-Home

Palliative care is more than simply dementia in-home care.  We’re there for the families and other caregivers that are assisting the patient with special attention to the whole life and not just the loved one.  At any given time, there’s an army of people and services assisting your loved one in dementia homecare and they all need support.  We’re here to provide that comfort, compassion and care.

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Types of Palliative Care We Provide

Skilled Care

This part of the team is who takes care of the skilled medical attention however frequently the patient requires it. These types of dementia care services are injections, medications that must be administered by IV or other means which need a dementia nurse or doctor to do legally and safely.

Companion Services

Palliative care takes care of the physical health and the mental/emotional health. Companionship will not only keep your loved one safe by observing changes and improvements, but will help to extend and enhance their life through encouraging their interests and listening to them. Companionship does wonders for releasing the good chemicals in the human brain. We all need it and that’s especially true for those needing dementia care.

Homemaker and Personal Care Services

As dementia progresses your loved one’s motor skill will gradually diminish. That means everyday tasks called ADL’s will become difficult to impossible. A caregiver will offer personal care and housekeeping services.

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Our Palliative Care`s Main Focus

Skilled care

Understanding Palliative Services for Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Palliative services for dementia patients are different than that of cancer and other end-of-life or hospice services. Sometimes both types must come together but in the case of having to deal with dementia or Alzheimer’s as a lone diagnosis, there is a specific focus as the disease grows.  We offer both companion and health aide at-home services along with palliative care services. 

A well-rounded service is the only care your loved one should ever receive. We take great pains in collecting data to understand the most current needs of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. We believe there’s always something to learn and we keep the staff that you entrust with the care of your loved one up to the most current standard in practice and education.

Caregivers for Elderly Toronto

Home care

What are the Goals of Palliative Care

The primary goal of Palliative Care Toronto is to provide treatment plans for symptom management and pain relief, to identify the patients’ goals for their care, and to provide spiritual and emotional support. Palliative Care Toronto aims to support the patients and their family throughout their hospital stay and find the needed support for their care outside the hospital or clinical setting. Our Palliative care Toronto services aims to achieve comfort and relieve suffering by providing quality specialized healthcare with a specific focus on symptoms and pain management for patients and families who are dealing with illnesses

Focuses on treating illnesses, symptom relief and improving the quality of life.

Our Palliative care Toronto services model is below.

Palliative Care
Is Multi Dimensional

Our model is holistic and supports all areas of the patient’s well-being.
Palliative care Toronto is a medical specialty that helps people with a variety of serious illnesses find a better quality of life. A palliative care professional works with you, your loved ones and your physician to create a plan of care that offers relief from physical, emotional and spiritual pain, symptoms and stress. They explain your choices and ensure your needs and wishes are honored. Our palliative care Toronto professionals focus not just on relieving pain and symptoms. Our team members also can help you with important decision-making and establishing goals of care.

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Palliative & Hospice Care