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Skilled Nursing Home Care Services

We Offer the Most Comprehensive Skilled Nursing Home Care Services

We offer skilled nursing services at home for the elderly as part of our senior care services. Nursing care is not just registered nurses (RN’s). It’s a team that works in tandem to provide the best health care. We provide RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s and Health Aide Companions.

We provide RNs if needed to oversee the clinical care plan and care plan coordination for your loved one. They’ll direct the CNA’s and health aides and therapists that come to the home to take care of patient needs in a variety of medical programs.

Our highly trained and experienced skilled nurses (LPNS and RNS) can provide more skilled and complex nursing services to our clients when it is medically required and prescribed by a physician in your home.

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specialty care services

Understanding Different Roles and Titles

A senior care nursing services RN is the closest position to a doctor apart from the Nurse Practitioner. They can make executive calls about taking action in an emergency. At all other times, they work under the attending physician. An RN can administer injections, direct medications through any medium necessary without supervision. They can change bandages and perform wound care. The in-home nursing senior care we provide at Kells Home Healthcare is one of the most comprehensive senior care programs in the GTA.  An LPN is a Licensed Practical Nurse. They do much what an RN does but their orders come through an RN and the physician. They can’t make executive calls about patient care. They are to only follow a plan of care set upon by the senior healthcare team. They’re typically who are in charge of CNA’s. 

A CNA is a Certified Nurse’s Aide. This is a caregiver that is a step above a health aide companion and one step below an LPN. The job of the CNA is custodial care and some pseudo clinical actions. They may change a colostomy bag, drain a catheter bag but not change the catheter, that’s for the RN or LPN and they do medication reminders. The health aide and CNA do much the same thing as far as custodial duties like homemaking and meal prep.

specialty care services

Nursing Home Care Services Options Explained

The reasons for needing home health care range from temporary recovery periods, to partial disability to serious or palliative care. For example, if you just had surgery and don’t have anyone to look after you then home health care may be a good choice.

 The degree of help needed would then be determined and that would tell us what type of in-home nursing services you need. If you’re in recovery and can stay home but you’re weak or physically incapacitated temporarily and you can’t wait for friends or family to prepare food for you or bathe then a health aide or CNA would be a good choice. Which one depends on what you need done within the custodial care. For example, if you need an assisted bath a health aide could perform that service unless a colostomy bag or a complicated bandage change is involved.

 An RN or LPN is needed when either a more serious condition is being tended to or if there’s a short-term illness or injury that’s more clinically intensive. This could include multiple medications, infection and pain control for a few examples.

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Connecting You with The Right Nursing Services Provider

We’re here to work with you to provide you the best home nursing services for your needs in the skilled or custodial allied health care categories. The best way to make the process short and seamless is if you can plan your care prior to the medical treatment. If you can’t and you’re recovering from an unexpected accident or illness then having an advocate that can help you plan your care would be where you want to start. Speak with one of our care experts today.